~ Design Check List for Web Site Development ~


Farm, Ranch and Stallion Web Sites

You'll find it's a considerable amount of work to prepare your farm, ranch or stallion materials for the Web pages that will be constructed for you. You will supply the raw materials and I will assemble them into graphically pleasing, easy-to-read Web pages. Depending on your web site package, you will need to supply the following materials before I can develop your new web site. 

  1. If you already have a logo or brand for your farm or ranch, I will need the best, cleanest and largest copy.   Black on white letterhead is acceptable. If you do not have one, then I can design one for you for an additional fee.

  2. At least a 200 word description of your farm, operation, history, goals, accomplishments, etc. for an intro for the home page, as well as, other pages that are to be designed. You will need to be descriptive, informative and keyword inclusive. You must set up a separate Word processor file for each web page. Please name each file for the page it will correspond to and include the title on top of each page.
    I prefer Microsoft Word, though I can convert a wide variety of file types. You can send them on a diskette or attached to an email, which ever is easier for you.
    Please do not send me a draft of your text. Send me your final version. While I expect to make minor changes here and there after the web pages are prepared, I charge extra to format and insert brand new text. Most word processors allow you to count the approximate number of words. Web pages which contain more than 1,200 words may be subject to additonal charges, especially if they require a good deal of formatting. (Some text may have to be edited for optimization for the search engines.)

  3. Photos (professional), descriptions, performance and pedigrees on your stallions and any horses that you want included on the site.  Send graphics and photos in any popular PC format, such as GIF, JPEG, BMP, etc. Photos and descriptions of stallions performing get if desired.  This includes horses for sale, mares, weanlings, yearlings, and riding horses. Remember that you want to show your horses best qualities.  Bad pictures of dirty horses make a bad website.  Send only regular pictures.  Prepare captions for each photo. (Please do not write on the back of your photos.  It is preferable if you adhere a Post-It Note to the back of the photo to indicate its caption and which page it goes on.)

    I can process most negatives into digital media for you but they must be unscratched and not bent.  I cannot make good photos from bad negatives.  No slides or photographers proofs, please.  Photos can be digitally air brushed or have other effects applied.  These procedures should be discussed during the web site consultation.  When sending pedigrees, please make sure that they are clear copies of the originals so we can easily read them.  Faxed copies can be difficult to read. 
  1. Include breeding information, costs, procedures, contract, shipped semen requirements, etc. for a breeding information page.  Include anything that I will need regarding your breeding business.
  1. (Optional) Include pictures of your facilities with descriptions, mare motel, stallion barn, breeding lab/ station, training facilities, etc.  Depending on pages ordered.
  1. (Optional) Include pictures, bios, and accomplishments of your family or staff.  Depending on pages ordered.

  2. Hosting and FTP passwords and usernames (ID). Include all that will be needed to complete your site.

  3. A check or payment for at least 50% of the total.

Keep in mind that the entire list may not be needed if you are only having a small web site created.  If it appears as I develop your site that you need more pages than we had originally discussed, I will contact you.   Over and above the initial pages discussed there will be additional costs. 

I will work closely with you throughout the design and implementation processes to ensure your satisfaction with your web site.  Together we will decide on:  layout, content, pictures, logos, colors and all other elements of your site design.  You can be as involved as you want.

I require 50% of the design fee as down payment before I start on your site.  The remaining balances will be due at each milestone upon your acceptance of the deliverables.  All remaining balances shall be received before the web site is uploaded to its final destination. Payment options can be arranged upon request.  Once your down payment has been received, your site will be completed in 6-8 weeks after you have sent all the required content needed to complete your site.  My workload varies so completion dates can sometimes be earlier.

If for some reason you decide to cancel your site development within 30 days of signing the Web Site Development Contract, you will need to send a registered letter for a refund to Kokopelli Krazy Web Design, 515 Old Nelsonville Rd., Boston, KY, 40107 and the work completed to that point will be charged at an hourly rate of $45.00 hour.  If any domain name registration has been purchased for your site prior to cancellation, you will be charged a $30.00 fee to cover the registration.  All deposits, design fees, design services and web site hosting can be paid by check, money order or online by credit card using PayPal’s free secure online payment processing service.
MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express accepted. 

If you have any questions, please ask.  If you have design/color ideas you want included let me know.  It can be helpful for you to browse the web and find design features and ideas that appeal to you.  If you have ideas on paper you can include them as well.

When sending your photos by mail, please send any photos that are valuable to you by Priority Mail, FedEx or UPS.  Regular mail can get lost with no way to track it.  These shipping methods require tracking numbers, which can be located easily.  Some photos are irreplaceable so make sure to send them properly.  Once I receive them they are put into your personal folder until your site is completed.  They are then returned to your in the same manner.  


You may send your packages to:
Kokopelli Krazy Web Design
Gretchan McCoy
515 Old Nelsonville Road
Boston, KY 40107